FAQ (Perguntas Frequentes)

This session is made to answer any question that may have passed in your mind when you entered in this fabulous site named Cards Realm.

What is Cards Realm?

Cards Realm foi formada por um grupo de amigos que sentiram que falta muito no nosso mundo do Magic: The Gathering. Queremos em um site ter tudo que um jogador for fun ou profissional precisa.

What is the Cards Realm mission?

Give the power to all player to share and change the realm of cards.

So, why is there people donating for this website?

If you donate for the Cards Realm website (you just need to do it one time only) you will become a silver member. Silver members can create tournaments as well as put more cards in their have and want lists.

What 'next', 'near', 'distant' and 'far away' means in the forum?

It means that the person is next to you (less than 2 km), near you (more than 2 km but less than 10km), distant to you (more than 10 km but less than 50 km) or far away (more than 50 km) from you.

What is the source of the prices of my cards?

We do have a lot of partners for card prices: TCGPlayer, Cardmarket, Card Kingdom, Flow Hobby Store, RED jogos, Moxland and Domain Games

Where the images and others data of the cards come from?

We gather data of different sites. But we are speacially thankfull to SCRYFALL. Support them for they aewsome job. Click here to support them: scryfall!

Which TAGS can be used in the comment or forum section?

[link](url do link)(texto do link) gera um link.
[image](url da imagem em https) gera uma imagem
[deck](id do deck) gera um deck
[[nome da carta]] gera um link para a carta
[center]{texto} centraliza texto

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